There are many different music materials in the world (for example Notebooks, Games and apps) which desperately seem to want to explain the world of music and to hence make it easier to understand. Despite their efforts to make it “easier”, what remains is a certain air of “heaviness” instead.

Just by studying, practicing or simply “having to do it”, the real essence of Music cannot be understood.

After 10 years of research about learning to read notes (to be exact, learning to spell notes) I have now realised why things are the way they are and have decided to create my own games.  “Learning to read notes with a playful approach!”  I believe that playing is a particularly effective approach to learning, especially when the player is in a “Flow” state, a state in which he/she forgets everything around them – but never the things he/she learned through playing.

These games will tickle your synapses and make you laugh!

If you would like to find out more about  “free play” and “playful learning”, I can highly recommend these links:

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