Composition: Clara Pastor

Composition: Clara Pastor

Ferrero Rocher Rondnoir Commercial

A fabulous project which turned out to be an exhilarating challenge.  On a specially prepared grand piano, I had to play the first few notes mirror-inverted from underneath.  The result is a real treat in sight and sound.

Pianist with a Happy End!

One day word, picture and music met each other in the sky to discuss their duties to inspire good in humankind.

Word: I’m really exhausted! These humans are such bizarre beings. No matter what kind of inspiration I offer them, they almost always manage to ruin it with their complicated way of thinking.

Picture: I totally agree that’s excatly what happens to me. Most of them can’t see the wood for the trees, I am really fed up with them.

Word: You’re right, I think I had quite enough.

While the two are talking music relaxes on a cloud and listens to them. After a while he joins the conversation: What’s going on with you guys? I don’t understand why you’re having such issues, I had some really wonderful collaborations.